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W.Bruce Stanford

Belt Buckles, Bolo Ties, Money Clips, Jewelry, Sculpture

(Available at the Las Cruces Farmers & Crafts Market on occasional Saturday mornings)



I am sorry to say that this website will be
discontinued in late June 2022.

Our next day at the Farmer's Market is
Saturday, May 14th.

   For orders please leave a  text or voice mail message at (575) 339-8608.

    All products are no longer available online.
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     All products are no longer available
       online. For questions please leave

         a text message at (575) 339-8608.


W. Bruce Stanford

Sculpting for over 45 years, Bruce is known for his attention to detail , and authenticity.  Wanting to preserve cultural history through sculpture his bronze sculptures of King David Kalakaua, Hawaii's last reigning king and Princes Victoria Kai'ulani have been on display at the   Bailey House Museum in Wailuku, Hawaii.

Now living in Las Cruces, New Mexico Bruce's products, many of which are not featured in this website are available on occasional Saturday mornings at the Las Cruces Farmers's and Crafts Market in downtown Las Cruces.  


On the left is the sculpture of King David Kalakaua and on the

right is the sculpture of Princess Victoria Kai'ulani that Bruce        finished in the early 1980's and had been on display at the

             Bailey House Museum in Wailuku, Maui.

Misty Slopes

 All products are no longer available online.
 For questions,  please leave a text 
message at (575) 339-8608.




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